Training pool Alcudia – Playa de Muro

A 25 metre outdoor pool heated to 25 ºC – 27 ºC with six 2 metre lanes for training purposes only. It is fully-equipped with pace clocks, lane dividers, flags to mark turning points, chin-up and stretching bars, starting platforms, blocks and pull buoys. There is also a bicycle parking area with direct access to the hotel exterior from the pool.

As this is an exclusive training facility, the triathletes or swimmers must call at reception before their swimming sessions.

Pool technical specifications:

  • Semi-Olympic pool.
  • 25 m long x 12.5 m wide.
  • Six 2 m lanes.
  • 180 cm deep in the turning area and 140 cm deep in the central zone.
  • Beach-style perimeter with the corresponding overflows.
  • Breakwater dividers.
  • Lane markers on the pool bottom and horizontal walls.
  • Starting platforms.
  • Flags indicating backstroke turning points.
  • Frontal turning platform at pool ends.
  • System for placement and removal of thermal pool covers.
  • Water temperature between 25 ºC and 27º C.
  • Changing rooms 5 metres from the pool.
  • Outdoor shower with adjustable temperature.
  • Bars for chin-ups and stretches.

Limited avaialibity between June 15th until September 15th.

The use of the training pool has not a extra charge for the hotel clients.

training pool playa de muro