Road bike cycling Guide/Coach. 

Mallorca has a lot of cycling routes to offer with plenty of variety of different types of ground. You can choose and tell us what your goals are, your physical condition and what sort of route you would like to do. We assess and guide you at all times.

This service is appropriate to those who enjoy cycling tours and sportsmen that are looking to improve their competition performance. Our qualified local guides and coaches have plenty of knowledge of the best areas to take you on the island stopping at picturesque cafes.

The base hotel is Viva Blue, a four star hotel, specialized in cycling and triathlon. Located in Playa de Muro, Mallorca, guaranteed to satisfy all your needs in installations, sports services, recovery services, SPA and massage and a nutritional diet with breakfast and dinner buffet specific for sportsmen and women.

The bike tours are private reduced groups with a maximum of 16 people. For more than 16 cyclists you will need 2 guides. The routes will depend on what the group wants and they will be assessed by our trainers.

There are different levels deppending on the kilometres, uphill and speed.

  • Easy bike ride: This is an easy route with the aim to enjoy a bike ride. The speed is not important. A short ride between 20 and 50 km with a low uphill and an average speed of 18 km/hr depending on the needs of the group. Enjoy a healthy bike ride and the beautiful natural views of Mallorca.
  • Hobby: orientated for beginner cyclists that practice it occasionally and that want an active healthy holiday enjoying nature. The routes are between 50 and 90 km with an average speed of 20-24 km/hr.
  • Amateur: Orientated for cyclists that cycle often. The routes are between 80 and 90 km with an average speed of 23-27 km/hr. It is possible to go a higher level going up to the mountains.
  • Speed: Orientated for cyclists that are used to intensive training. The routes are between 90 and 140 km with an average speed of 26-29 km/hr depending on how steep the hill is and how many hills there are.
  • Pro: Training sessions orientated for cyclists or triathlon competitors that are used to cycling on a daily basis with the goal to improve their performance. The routes are more than 100 km with an average speed of 29-33 km/hr depending on the group and the chosen route.

Mountain bike guided tours. 

Mallorca has a lot more to offer than just an amazing net of roads! If you are a fan of mountain bikes you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Mallorca. Our guides can offer you a wide range of routes of different  types, uphill, different technicality levels and areas of Mallorca. There is the possibility to begin the routes from Viva Blue Hotel or from Viva Cala Mesquida located in the Natural Park of Llevant. If you want to, you can rent a Mountain Bike at the Viva Blue Hotel. Whether you are a beginner or experienced you can enjoy the mtb, Mallorca that offers many routes and areas to discover.

Vehicule training support. 

If you are coming to Mallorca to Cycle, you can do it in a more comfortable and safe way and include vehicule training support. This service includes the vehicule following the group during the route and will help you to follow the correct road. We will prepare you special aid stations at the areas previously discussed. It will dispose of a big icebox for your drinks and food, spare bike tyres and wheels and the appropriate tools to mend any mechanical problem during the route. If there are different levels in your group or somebody doesn’t want to do the complete route they can come in the vehicule.

The price includes: petrol, table, fridge, tools, spare tyres and wheels,

Additional services available: cycling bottles, drinks like water, energy drinks, coke, and food like fresh fruit, dried fruit, gels and bars.

Transfer to Andratx. 

There is a classic route in Mallorca crossing all the Tramuntana mountains from the Port of Andratx to the Port of Pollensa. With us we can guarantee you the best service of transfer with the best Price taking you and your bike from Playa de Muro to the Port of Andratx in comfort. Once you arrive at the Port of Pollensa you can either pedal back to Playa de Muro or the transfer service can pick you up in the Port of Pollensa or from the Formentor lighthouse.

We also have a special offer of transfer + Vehicule support.

Maps with cycling and running routes. 


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