Fitness personal training. 

One to one session with a trainer specialized in getting the best out of the individual, maximum strength, endurance, improving core and balance, fat burning… You can either do it at the Viva Blue Fitness Room or outdoors. Let our trainer asses you and train supervised by an expert and avoid injuries.

Functional training on the beach. €

This session is on the Playa de Muro Beach. It consists of a series of exercises to improve your strength, endurance and speed. The training session is based on Cross Fit exercises, suspension training and from military origin. We use elastic bands, weights, TRX… All the exercises are on the sandy beach and normally are first thing in the morning or late afternoon.

Cross fit is the latest thing in cross training and consists of a wide variety of functional exercises that are generally high impact. It combines exercises own body weight or using specific materials. The exercises can be adapted according to the physical level of the person.

TRX is a functional training tool that allows you to do suspension exercises. You hook it to a fixed structure and it has two grips where you can combine the exercises. You can regulate the length of the straps and the distance from the hook you can change the exercise intensity in order to adapt the training load to the physical level of the individual.

Group Stretching session. €

Group sessions of stretching in order to get an optimal recovery after training and reduce the risk in injuries. It is recommended to do it in high training periods. It lasts 30 minutes and you stretch the main muscles, then the specific muscles used in training.

Individual stretching sessions. 

This session is based on the passive stretching technique. It consists of the trainer or therapist applying the specific joints movements according to each individual. The stretching session is developed in a relaxed atmosphere and guaranties a better muscle tone and prevents injuries.  It lasts 30 minutes and you stretch the main muscles, then the specific muscles used in your sport training or the muscle chains depending of your body morphology.

Free taught yoga lessons.

From Monday to Friday at 11:15.