Running training session. €

Running session mainly done in the Playa de Muro area. You can choose if you want to concentrate on technical running aspects, speed, step frequency, running pace, training or developing a concrete physiological area or discover the Full or 70.3 Ironman running courses which are near the Hotel Viva Blue. There is also the possibility of having a coach running by your side or on the bike to mark your running pace or to provide with water, gels…

Trail Running. 

Running sessions in the mountains. There are various routes starting from the Viva Blue Hotel. We will guide you through the route and we will show you some amazing places!

If you would like to do another spectacular route away from the hotel, you can book a transfer and begin the sessions from Alcudia’s watchtower, Serra de Tramuntana which is a World Heritage site from UNESCO or from Parc de Llevant. Let us asses you and enjoy the natural Beauty of Mallorca. The price varies depending on what you have chosen.

Maps with cycling and running routes.