Swimming session in the pool. 

Swimming session guided by our coach in the Hotel Viva Blue Swimming Pool. The exercises will be designed depending on the necessities of each person or group like improving the swimming skills, strength – resistance, speed or any physiological area.

Training sessions will be individual or reduced groups with similar goals. If you have any questions you can be assessed by our specialized trainer.

Hotel Viva Blue offers you an outside 25 m heated swimming pool with 6 lines and it’s totally equipped with starting platforms, competition ropes and specific swimming clocks. This pool is exclusive for swimming training.

Swimming sessions are personalized and are adapted to all levels, from beginners that want to learn the basic skills up to advanced swimmers that want to improve their techniques or swimming paces.

Underwater video recording. 

This service offers you the possibility to be recorded underwater of any swimming style. The video will be analyzed from a technical point of view like body position, the different swimming phases, leg movement, breathing, leg and arm coordination, frequency and arm length. We will then look at the video together with the trainer to concentrate on improving certain aspects. These videos will be given to you in a USB or disc.

In addition to this we can offer you a written report analyzing the technical errors and an exercise program to improve it (this has an additional cost).

If you would like you can have a swimming session with our swimming coach Coaching Swimming Level 3 Certificate to practice the specified exercises in order to improve the detected swimming mistakes.

Open water swimming session. 

Specific swimming sessions in open water in Playa de Muro Beach, 100 m from Hotel Viva Blue. The swimming session goals can change depending on the needs of the sportsman. Generally it consists in a warm up on the sand, warm up in the sea, working on going in and coming out of the sea, orientation in the sea and swimming around the buoys.

Additionally you can contract the position of the open water and triathlon specified buoys in order to do  a concrete a route with the support of a kayak.

You can work on different aspects depending on your goals:

  • Going in and coming out of the water efficiently.
  • Learning to swim in a straight line, looking ahead whilst breathing and maintaining the route line.
  • Improving phobias or claustrophobia that triathletes usually feel at the beginning of a triathlon.
  • Taking advantage of the drafting of the swimmers ahead in order to reach a better speed or be more efficient.
  • Better speed and practice of rotation, orientation and acceleration around the buoys

You will be given advice on working on technical aspects in the swimming pool to practice when you return home.

Swimming buoys in openwater. 

If you wish to swim in the sea practising the same conditions of a triathlon competition or openwater swimming competition you can contract the positioning of  open water and triathlon specified buoys of 100 x 70 cm.

You can choose between a triangular or squared swimming course with which distance you like. You will also have the support of a kayak.

Loan of swimming materials (kick boards, pull buoys, paddles, etc.) Free

Swimming lane reservation.